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Best Six Week Industrial Training in Mohali

Are you looking for best six weeks industrial training in Mohali? Are you looking for best training company in Mohali?

If yes then you can join WindowIT in Mohali. WindowIT is the topmost IT company in Mohali. As we know that training is the integral part of study. In present days if you have required degrees and academic qualifications still you won’t be able to get required job. The reason is every company is looking for skills and practical knowledge. We all are aware that in colleges we just learn theoretical aspects. We don’t know how to do things practically. Lack of practical experience is the major cause of unemployment. That’s why industrial training playing the vital role in student life. Industrial training just exposes the students to actual working environment. Training helps to enhance their skill and knowledge by giving them the opportunity to do things practically.

Training is important because companies do not want to spend money to trained fresher.  Instead of fresher companies prefer to hire experienced one. If you really want to grab your desired job then come and join WindowIT in Mohali for best industrial training. In WindowIT you will get the opportunity to work on practical aspects which will further helps you to get your desired job. At WindowIT training will be based on live projects only. And secondly you will learn how to work in a corporate environment. This company will helps you to polish your skills. Trainers in WindowIT have 6+ year experience in MNC’s. So with the training you will learn organizational behavior.


WindowIT covers the following courses:


Software testing Automation & Manual training
C/C++ training programming
Advanced web designing training
SEO/PPC training
Python training
Online bidding training
Networking/CCNA training
Core PHP and advanced PHP training

Cloud computing training
MS/Excel Course
Tally training
Core Java and advanced Java Training
Android course/Google play store – Live project training
Angular JS training
MBA in Finance Training
MBA in HRM training
MBA in Marketing training
MBA in Information Technology Training
Big data Hadoop training

WindowITprovide training for all above mentioned modules. Six week industrial training in WindowIT will help you to sharpen your skills, enhance confidence and your personality will get developed. After completion of industrial training you can also do freelancing. After gaining practical knowledge you will feel more confident. So don’t be late if you are looking for six weeks industrial training then come and join WindowIT in Mohali. For more information you can visit our website (
Best six week industrial training in Mohali

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Best Finance Training In Chandigarh


Are you worried about your finance internship? Do you want to make your career in finance stream?
if yes then do not worry because WindowIT will provide you the best internship training in Chandigarh/Mohali. After studies everyone is worried about their industrial training if he/she is really wants to make his career. Finance sector has the wider scope. But the requirement of this sector is only skills. Due to the lack of practical skills we get out from the race of competition. Every company has their own finance department to keep the record of their revenues, expenses, profit, loss and salaries. This is the reason that there is  always a requirement of finance person. WindowIT provides the best training to finance students which further helps them to grab the opportunities.


WindowIT will make you familiar with the following relevant modules of finance:


  • Taxation
  • Accounting basics
  • Financial and cost accounting
  • Research methodology
  • Budgeting
  • Banking
  • Income tax
  • Futures and options
  • Corporate finance
  • Company law
  • Central excise
  • VAT, CST & E1 sales
  • Stock market analysis
  • Full costing
  • Risk management and insurance planning
  • Business regulatory framework
  • Accounting with tally (ERP)
  • Payroll processing using software & biometrics machine
  • Service tax
  • Bankruptcy
  • Investment banking
  • Market trading and volatility
  • Retirement planning and employee benefit
  • Management accounting
  • Business finance

So in WindowIT  you will get the opportunity to learn these all topics practically. As we finance is the nerve center of every business. So every business needs the specialist person of finance for their organization. So it is the best time for learning these all aspects practically. So that you can start your career in a reputed company. In present era no company hires you if you do not have practical skills. Candidates got rejected only due to the lack of skills. In case you got selected then package is not satisfactory. So don’t be late come and join WindowIT in Mohali Chandigarh to sharpen your skills and to grab the golden opportunities in corporate sector.

Best Finance Training In ChandigarhBest Finance Training In Chandigarh

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Best MBA training in Chandigarh


Are you looking for best MBA internship in Chandigarh? Do you really want to learn something?

If yes, then you can join WindowIT in Mohali, Chandigarh. WindowIT is the topmost IT and training company in Mohali, Chandigarh. On the training you will get the opportunity to learn things practically which further opens the employment door for you. There is no mean of study until or unless you don’t come to know how to apply these things practically. WindowIT firstly clear all the terms and aspects to trainees and then taught these aspects practically. If you really want to learn something and you really want to explore the things then WindowIT is the best place for you.

WindowIT provides the MBA training of all stream students like finance, HR, marketing and IT. If you want to do training any of these then you can join WindowIT. At WindowIT trainers will make you familiar with all the aspects.  WindowIT is known for its practical work experience and quality of training. If you want to fly then WindowIT will gives you the wings. And now it is up to you that how you take the things.

As you now in present era everyone looks for practical knowledge. If you are going for any job interviewer directly ask that how much you can do practically. Your job got decided only on the basis of your practical knowledge. If you want to grab these opportunities then this is the right time to join WindowIT. WindowIT will provides you the MBA training in following:

MBA Finance
MBA Marketing

If you are MBA finance student then WindowIT will let you know accounting basics, accounting with tally, full costing, taxation, risk management and insurance planning, cost accounting, budgeting, stock market analysis, risk management, investment banking, MIS reports, financial instruments and many more. You will get the chance to do these things practically.

If you have chosen marketing then you will learn how to generate leads, CRM, SWOT analysis, advertising and public relations, telemarketing, sales presentations, retailing, offline and digital marketing, maintaining negotiation attributes and many more.

In HR training you will learn how to calculate professional tax, leave policy, PF, ESI Challans online submission, ESI calculations, form no 16, salary sheets, calculation on pivot table, incentives and overtime calculations, calculation of LTA CCA and medical allowance etc.

In IT you will learn information security management, tally ERP, business creativity and innovation, IT strategy and management,  system development and procurement, system analysis and design, organizational behavior and many more.

In WindowIT you will cover these modules. You summer vacations also approaching so on these vacations either you can enjoy or you can utilize your time in a best way by taking training in your stream. If you will do rest this time then you will suffer for the rest time, if you will take a little pain this time for few days then you will enjoy your rest of life. Choice is left to you and only you. Just think about this and get to a prompt solution. For more info you can visit our website as well ( . Hurry up, come and join WindowIT in Mohali to brighten your future.

Best MBA Training in Chandigarh

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Are you looking for best fashion technology training/internship in Mohali? Do you want to make your career in fashion technology?

If yes, then WindowIT in MOHALI CHANDIGARH welcomes you for industrial training of Fashion Technology. This is the best career option today. Fashion technology is one and foremost requirement of today’s world. Every person wants to live in the world of fashion. Every person wishes to look beautiful and smart. You can make your external appearance good only through clothes and accessories. And these clothes and accessories are designed by designers. Ultimately it increases the demand of designers in industry.

Fashion designers work in number of ways in designing clothes and accessories. They attempt to satisfy the consumer desires and needs. WindowIT will provide you the platform and guidelines that how you can be successful fashion designer and how to work in this competitive world with updated technology. To be a fashion designer you need some creativeness because fashion keeps on changing with the span of time which generates the demand of designers. WindowIT will make you familiar with the updated technologies related to fashion designing.

WindowIT will cover following modules under Fashion Technology training:


It is basically software which is required for photo editing, image creation and graphic design. This software provides many image editing features for raster images and for vector graphics. It uses a layer based editing system. Photoshop is used by photographers, graphic designers, advertising designers and video game artists.


CorelDraw is also used by designers. It is a vector graphics editor. It is also known as corel graphics. It includes the bitmap – image editor.


Adobe illustrator is a software application which is used for creating drawings, artwork and illustrations using a Windows or MacOS computer. It is widely used by graphic designers, visual artists and graphic designers.

If you are choosing Fashion Technology as a career then it is mandatory to make grip on these software. Recent days the person who is familiar with technology can be successful in life. WindowIT will provide you the best training of Fashion Technology. Every fashion lover person follows the fashion magazines which generate the more curiosity for designer things. Good appearance also gives us confident. Fashion has become very important in our life. By keeping in mind the demand of consumers and industry this is the best career option. So if you really want to be successful fashion designer and want to make your place in the list of top designers then come and join WindowIT in Mohali. In WindowIT you will get the opportunity to work on live projects.


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SCF 51,2nd Floor, Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062